Wondering about that moaning sound drifting over the cracker aisle? The keening and wailing can only be a result of Nabisco’s recent decision to stop production of the Royal Lunch Milk Cracker. Born in 1902, the sturdy round biscuit in the big purple box was a longtime staple of the New England pantry, where it often shared shelf space (and chowder bowls) with the equally plain but nostalgically rich Crown Pilot cracker.

In fact, Royal Lunch lovers are already wondering if they can bring the same pressure to bear on Nabisco that Crown Pilot fans did in 1996, when consumer outcry after the cracker’s discontinuation got the product back on the shelves in just a few months.

Over at Chowhound and Amazon, disconsolate devotees are lamenting the untimely disappearance of the cracker just before prime turkey-stuffing season. Writes one Chowhound,

This is a catastrophe! Making stuffing with Royal Lunch has been a tradition in my family for generations. Nothing else seems to work as well. Please don’t wreck the holidays for those of us that grew up on this product!

And an outraged Amazon reviewer thinks only drastic measures will do:

How dare they just take these traditional crackers off the shelf without even a warning!!! Nabisco knows very well that folks use them for traditional stuffing recipes. The boycott has begun!! Here I come Keebler!!

Is it time for a grassroots campaign to bring back the Royal Lunch? Lovers of the purple box can write to Nabisco’s parent company, Kraft Foods, at Kraft Foods Global, Inc., 1 Kraft Court, Glenview, IL 60025, or call 1-800-323-0768.

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