Like most offices, ours presents slim pickings when it comes to snacks. There’s the ubiquitous vending machine, in which healthy indicates a reduced-fat version of the crappy shelf-stable original. There’s an air popper and free popcorn, a microwave, and, of course, bad coffee. To stave off the carb and sugar loading, we’ve joined a CSA, which means a giant box of fresh fruit and nuts gets delivered every Wednesday. The produce comes from a network of farms and is mostly organic. Right now, we’re awash in midsummer’s bounty: Bing cherries, nectarines, plums, and grapes. Plump raisins and raw almonds complete the scene for office mates who still prefer to snack by the handful. Yes, we wish the items were strictly local (bananas don’t actually come from California, do they?) and the selection gets a little one-dimensional during the winter (more citrus, anyone?), but it beats Cheetos any day.

Organic Snack Pack from Capay Organic, $45–$140

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