The Daily Kimchi is a blog written by a Canadian couple teaching English in South Korea, and while they’re abroad, they often document their culinary adventures. For the sake of education, they videotaped a recent tasting of a live, still-writhing treat—which they sometimes refer to as “baby octopus” and other times as “squid.” Whatever it is, it’s apparently very chewy and tastes like jellyfish. Another blogger who commented on the post offers a link to her own description of when she was given a plate of live octopus by mistake:

I could feel its desperate defense when I tried to take it by chopsticks. It moved panicly [sic] in my spoon, and I could feel the so called tentakels sticked [sic] on my tongue and throat, as if trying to prevent itself of getting drown [sic] into my stomach.

Of course, if you’re considering chowing down on some live cephalopods, you might want to take your cues from the super badass octopus-eating scene in the South Korean film Oldboy. According to the trivia section on IMDb, when the film won the Grand Prix at Cannes, director Chan-wook Park thanked his cast, his crew, and the (four!) octopi that were devoured whole during the filming of this scene.

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