Manhattan, New York

Back home in New York City for a few days, surprised to see trees a different color than they were at my August departure.

I’d seen a copy of the just-published New England’s Favorite Seafood Shacks, by Elizabeth Bougerol, and it was incredibly timely, seeing as how the next leg of my trip will take me up through New England. It’s a hefty book, very well written, and includes virtually all of my top picks. I thought it might be a good idea to meet with Elizabeth so that she could help launch my northward trip with some seafood shack savvy.

We enjoyed a lively conversation al fresco in front of the underrated East Village restaurant Quhnia (45 East First Street, New York, New York; 212-529-3066). Listen in:

Podcast #1: General hunting tips (and why going in October makes the task harder but the prospects better): MP3.

Podcast #2: I must wake up early and go hang with fishermen: MP3.

Podcast #3: Chowder obsessions, self-loathing Canadians, and all for the love of salt: MP3.

Podcast #4: Final counseling and benedictions before I head north: MP3.

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