In the slip toward gigantic plates of sloppy carbohydrate-ridden foods, diner-style restaurants have been as guilty as anyone, at least in the United States. Trend-watch site Springwise alerts us to one diner that’s riding the trend backward, toward the tasting menu. Chicago’s Minnies features shrunken versions of diner classics such as the Reuben, the tuna melt, and, of course, the hamburger. The restaurant has also minified more upscale dishes such as a pesto chicken sandwich, a Thai tenderloin salad, and its “infamous frites.” Even the cocktails are tiny: Liquor comes in airplane-size bottles, and beer comes in seven-ounce bottles (you can get “Minnie buckets” of three, six, or twelve).

The restaurant’s website sloganizes, “It’s not super-size. It’s just the right size.” OK, we get it about the sizes. But is the food any good? Uhhh, let’s talk some more about the concept.

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