Everyone loves a sappy story, particularly when it’s true and has a sappy ending, to boot. On that basis, check out the 101 Cookbooks update on the story of Barry.

Barry contacted me as a newly single, 60-year old British man who had never cooked a meal for himself. He had no interest in cooking, and it was out of sheer necessity that he wrote in. You all stepped in with hundreds(!) of suggestions (the most ever on this site).

Most of the suggestions ranged from obvious but helpful to downright clever, so it would make sense that Barry would resurface and report on his doings.

This week, he did. And the report is good:

Sunday’s Stilton pancetta chicken with Italian salad and a very nice Valpolicella was absolutely stunning! Well, excuse the hyperbole but it was very nice… And followed by that simplest of dishes, creme brulee, using my son’s new toy, a kitchen blowtorch, it was just perfect. Please bear in mind that two months ago I had never cooked anything. Not a thing.

All in all, a bit of a tearjerker, and potentially good therapy for friends who fear cooking a meal more than calling Comcast about a service disruption.

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