jenn says Hon Yei fills the Szechuan hole in her heart from when Home Style and other great outposts of Szechuan food closed.

Non-Chinese speakers should rely on Tony, a superhelpful waiter who speaks English well despite only having been here for a month.

The menu actually spans all of China, including the un-Szechuan mu shu pork and Peking duck. Follow the recommendations from the kitchen for fiery, amazing beef tendon; a nice, light stir-fried jellyfish; and “sweet chicken” (actually frog, which is known as “field chicken” in Chinese). Mapo fish is really yummy, and cumin lamb has huge amounts of leeks and chiles that explode in your mouth. The northern-style boiled dumplings, thick-skinned and juicy, remind jenn of a favorite place in Beijing.

There’s no liquor license, but they keep the tea and water flowing. Ample parking; this is a new building.

Hon Yei [San Gabriel Valley]
288 South San Gabriel Boulevard #103-104, San Gabriel

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