Now here’s a discovery: pescado zarandeado at Antojitos La Texanita. This is some seriously delicious fish, says kare_raisu. It’s a halved tilapia, shallow-fried, and judiciously sauced with chile and tomato on the flesh side. There is also some mysterious spice energy going on. The spine peels off in one pull; the fish underneath is moist. Put some pieces into a warm tortilla with some slices of perfectly ripe, buttery avocado and a bit of juice from one of the eerily nice limes. It is the perfect fish thing.

There is also the best version of huarache con pollo asado ($6) she has ever had. It’s a multilevel, multiflavor, multitexture construction: Cotija dust, ripe avocado, shredded lettuce, salsa roja, flavorful chicken hunks, refritos, and crisp, warm cornbread. And the best sopecito de picadillo ($2) she’s had—a nice, handcrafted sope with diced zucchini and carrot.

Everything is very homemade: Order a taramindo; you might see a dude shelling tamarind pods for you. One of the cooks is Oaxaqueño; you may be able to talk her into making some Oaxacan food, if you’re nice enough.

This is genuinely glorious food.

Antojitos La Texanita [Sonoma County]
250 Sebastopol Road, Santa Rosa

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