The 53rd Summer Fancy Food Show recently passed through the Javits Center in New York City, offering 100,000 snacks, samples, and sips from around the world. Granted, with all that food up for the tasting, most visitors got introduced to some new and interesting things, along with a few gag-inducing specimens.

The Epi-Log leads us through what Epicurious editors considered the worst of the worst—like beet juice fortified with fish oil—but they also had some equally odd-sounding favorites, including the Bacon Exotic Candy Bar from Vosges Haut-Chocolate.

Blogger Jessica Su of Su Good Eats offers awards to her favorite chocolates, and the prize for “Most Creative Use of Chocolate” goes to Rabitos chocolate-stuffed fig bonbons. Meanwhile, Serious Eats is talking up the Kristall lingonberry soda from Sweden, and the Food Section is singing the praises of sweet corn ice cream produced by Los Angeles–based frozen treats purveyor Palapa Azul.

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