Abby DeWald and Amanda Barrett are musicians with a mission: Their band, the Ditty Bops, is touring this summer in support of sustainable agriculture, looking to promote small farms and organic food. There are plans to play on farms, at food co-ops, and at farmers’ markets; benefit concerts for Farm Aid are being organized; and their current pet project is to get more people to bring their own bags to the store.

Activism is not new for the pair, who rode their bikes across the country on their last tour to promote bicycle use. They’ve recently started a nonprofit organization called You and I Save the World, and are sponsoring a petition to reduce plastic use. Until they meet their signature goal, the two have promised to wear bikinis made of crocheted plastic bags at all their shows. “[I]t’s definitely sweaty,” says Barrett in an interview with Whole Life Times. “Plastic doesn’t breathe very well on stage.”

But food is a passion. This year’s annual Ditty Bop bikini calendar features vegetables, recipes included (last year’s was all about bicycles). Says Amanda:

[S]ustainable agriculture is important to us. And we love food. On our bike tour, we noticed a lot of soy and corn growing and we were wondering, well how do we feed the country with all of the other things that we eat? We wanted to meet people who are feeding their communities with organic crops.

I can get down with that.

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