I like a blog that advertises its thrust right there in its title, and My Husband Hates Veggies doesn’t disappoint. Kitty posts about trying to trick her husband into eating his vegetables, and about his general attitude toward food (he considers General Mills’ Milk ’n Cereal Bars healthy food because they have milk in them), to hilarious effect.

Kitty’s husband hates pickles, of course, but not even Kitty’s husband hates pickles as much as poor Mariah, who can be seen fleeing from a tray of the egregious green gourds in this clip of Maury posted by Kitty.

“Pickles are destroying my life,” sobs Mariah. So, naturally, Maury Povich sends Mariah to a pickle factory, where she becomes incoherent with fear.

Let us promise never to mention to Mariah the infamous Kool-Aid dills.

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