If you like wine with your Chinese food, stop by Wing Hop Fung when you’re in San Gabriel Valley, suggests mssreatalot, whose mention of the “big selection” of Sea Smoke Pinot Noirs set connoisseurs buzzing. There’s an impressive selection, reflecting a growing interest in wine on the part of the Chinese community.

There’s something for every budget, but the majority of wines are red, and on the moderately to very expensive side, says monkuboy. He did, however, stumble onto a tasting of three sparkling wines for $3.

As for the Sea Smoke, it may not be that hard to find, but wine shops sell out of it pretty quickly. The Southing goes for $75 at Wing Hop Fung, and the Ten is $110.

Wing Hop Fung [Chinatown]
727 N. Broadway #102, Los Angeles

Wing Hop Fung [San Gabriel Valley]
725 W. Garvey Avenue, Monterey Park

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