Thinking of plopping some Ocean Spray cranberries down next to your American Bronze turkey, Kentucky Wonder green bean cassrole, German Butterball mashed potatoes, and Sugar Pie pumpkin pie? Surely not, because like most fruits and veggies, the humble cranberry is now available in heirloom varieties. The Philadelphia Inquirer visits a cranberry farm in southern New Jersey. Aside from a rustic portrait of workers combing cranberries from the bogs, the article shows that there are alternatives to the 1-pound plastic bags in your local supermarket:

Near the packing house is a quarter-acre devoted to Cropper, ‘a lovely, good-tasting berry.’ There’s a patch of blue-tinged Blue Bells. And here and there cameos of Wilcox, an early USDA cross; Beckwith; Early Richards; Champion; Centennial; and Jersey.

Now there’s no excuse for your sauce to be in the shape of the can it came in.

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