Bring your friends and get ready for a Central Asian feast at Uzbekistan, says Woolsey.

Go for the Uzbek bread, a hybrid of yeast bread and biscuit that comes with herbed cream cheese. It would be great just with a salad—the Asiatic Delight, mounds of shredded carrot with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant in a dill-heavy vinaigrette, is indeed delightful. (Assorted pickled vegetables also go great with the bread and a beer, adds Henry2054.) Samsa is the Central Asian version of a samosa, a flake pastry filled with chunks of lamb and onions, lightly spiced. The same filling is found in parmuda, baked buns dusted with sesame seeds. Pass on the crêpelike blinis with salmon “caviar,” though.

Shashlik is just another version of kebabs, but Uzbekistan’s lamb shashlik is well flavored and perfectly tender. It comes with roasted zucchini and a potato that somehow seems like a single giant french fry.

Plov is the national dish of Uzbekistan, sweet stewed lamb piled atop rice loaded with shredded carrots, some whole peppercorns, and the odd chickpea. A vinegary, slightly sweet carrot-and-cabbage slaw comes on the side.

A nice assortment for five people, without alcohol, comes to about $20 apiece.

Uzbekistan [Hollywood]
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