The menu in the window at the 23rd Street Café lists mostly Mexican dishes, but this place near USC is a great find for unpretentious and delicious home-style Punjabi food, says AmarV.

Matter paneer is a vegetarian’s delight, spicy and full of flavor, with plenty of paneer. Aloo gobi is also tasty, with fresh, slightly crunchy cauliflower pieces contrasting with tender potato. Raita seems to be made with homemade curds, plus just the right amount of veggies and spices. Both the rice and dal are tasty enough to eat on their own. Lassi is one of the more authentic versions around, properly watery rather than an Indian-style milkshake, and tasting of homemade yogurt.

Chicken curry is delicious, and shane murgh (marinated roast chicken) is tasty, with ginger, cumin, and chile, but it’s on the dry side. Samosas are better than many in LA, but not amazing—just nice, crisp skin enclosing a flavorful blend of potatoes and peas with a good kick to the seasonings.

The naan, unfortunately, is reheated rather than freshly made—there’s no tandoor oven in this place.

23rd Street Café [Downtown]
936 W. 23rd Street, Los Angeles

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