Going to Old Weang Ping Village is a little unnerving. It’s tucked inside a house on a residential street. You have to knock loudly on the door before the owner unlocks it, emerges, and lets you in. There are bars on the windows. The owner locks everything back up and shows you to your table. Inside, there are a few tables and booths under a thatch awning; everything’s a little worn and cozy.

The food is intriguing, says Lillian Hsu, and worth the journey. There’s tasty fish curry, and a smoky eggplant dish that still calls to her, days later. It’s a mysterious and weirdly wonderful dish; sort of like Cambodian eggplant curry, but even smokier.

The restaurant seems like a two-person operation: The owner takes all the orders, and his wife does all the cooking.

Old Weang Ping Village [East Bay]
6217 MacArthur Boulevard, Oakland

Board Link: Old Weang Ping Thai restaurant in east Oakland

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