Mashups: They aren’t just for the dance floor anymore. Delightful pairings of Web content are beginning to proliferate online. For instance, Ski Bonk offers updates on ski conditions for users who click on a Google map.

And then there’s Chocomap. Even the name is mouth-watering. Click on a city and up pops a map with each chocolate shop pinpointed. A floating text box provides address, phone number, and a short description.

The possibilities are endless. Plan a Paris walking tour in which you hit at least five chocolatiers per day. Make sure you haven’t overlooked a confectionary gem in your own town (unlikely, I know). Check out the candy stores near your friends’ homes and drop hints for an invite or a care package.

The map is in its infancy, and some cities need help. Drop them an email if your favorite shop isn’t on the list.

The rest of the site, produced by the Vancouver, B.C.-based Ecole Chocolat confectionary school, is pretty all right, too, with articles on tasting chocolate, interviews with chocolatiers, recipes, and plenty of other chocolaty goodness.

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