So, let’s say you’re allergic to peanuts. You can’t have peanut butter, but you have a variety of delicious tree nut butters available to spread onto your sandwiches and celery. Almond butter, cashew butter, heck, macadamia nut butter—go nuts. But what if you’re also allergic to tree nuts?

Well, there’s always soy nut butter, which shouldn’t touch off your allergies, since soy is a bean, not a nut. chowser likes the I.M. Healthy brand. It doesn’t taste just like peanut butter, but it’s fairly close, and you get used to it. It comes in different flavors, like chocolate soy nut butter.

You could go for the various fruit “butters,” like apple butter and pumpkin butter, but they lack the density and richness of nut butters. Honestly, they have more in common with jelly than with peanut butter.

Lately, pumpkin seed butter, hemp seed butter, and sunflower seed butter have been showing up on the shelves at places like Whole Foods. If you’re not allergic to seeds, try these rich, creamy options. Sunflower seed butter is by far the least expensive of these, says goodhealthgourmet. Just watch the labels carefully: The label should reveal if the butter was produced on equipment contaminated by tree or ground nuts. On that note, The Dairy Queen recommends SunButter in particular. It’s a sunflower seed butter that’s produced in a facility free from peanuts and tree nuts, and each batch is tested for trace amounts of peanut proteins. It won’t be mistaken for peanut butter in a taste test, but it does have a nutty flavor.

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