Looks as though it’s “Check, please!” time for television host Padma Lakshmi and British author Salman Rushdie. Lakshmi, who has earned plaudits over the years for modeling, hosting Top Chef, and maintaining a steadfast devotion to the Keanu Reeves “less is less” method of acting, is divorcing the ancient scribe after three years of marriage, reports Reuters.

The piece is disappointingly short on juicy details, dwelling instead on the “old news” aspects of the couple: Rushdie is old, gnomish, and blazingly intelligent; Lakshmi is young, hot, and not exactly the author of a Booker-winning novel.

Predictably, most of the gossip-blogs seem to be weighing in with not-even-thinly-veiled contempt for the young missus:

I hope Salman has a pre-nup! I could smell her greedy ass a mile away. Women like that sleep with men like that for only one reason. CASH! It’s not being mean, it’s being honest!

And of course, there’s always the flip side to the Padma-haters: delusional anti-Semitism.

Finally, Padma and her old, Jewish husband have split! Now we can be together forever, and ever, and ever . . .

One thing’s for sure: However this divorce plays out, the chattering masses will likely have plenty to chatter about.

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