OK, we’ve just got to get our shit together in regards to the safety of our food supply. Although people have always faced dangers from their food, these continuing recalls are chilling.

The latest one is heartbreaking. Veggie Booty, the kale- and spinach-covered snack puff, may have caused more than 50 cases of a rare form of salmonella. Anecdotally, the biggest consumers of Booty products aren’t grownups, but toddlers.

Booty has a troubled history. Once a cult-favorite snack, it was beloved by parents who were overjoyed to see their toddlers ingest anything even remotely associated with kale, even after it was discovered that Robert’s American Gourmet, the company that makes Booty, allegedly played fast and loose with the nutrition stats.

To paraphrase Woody Allen, everything our parents said was good is bad: sun, milk, red meat, and Veggie Booty.

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