Intentional communities are hip. No, not intentional communities where seven strangers find out what happens when people stop being polite, and start getting real. I’m talking about people devoting their time and energy to living communally.

Not all of us are ready to chuck everything and go live on a farm somewhere in Vermont. But wouldn’t it be nice to share the responsibility for getting dinner on the table every night?

A unique co-op in Montreal brings diners together to prepare and eat meals communally. According to an article in the Montreal alternative weekly Hour, the nonprofit Montreal Urban Community Sustainment eventually aims to create a whole cooperative community. But it’s starting out with dinner. For $125 per month (cheap!) you can get an “all-meal” membership, which will provide you with 21 meals a week. Other plans that include fewer meals are even more reasonable. The only catch? You need to go to meetings and put in four hours a week cleaning, cooking, or shopping. Heck, it’s easy to put those hours in on one day of preparing meals at home.

But what about the food? Stephanie Childs, a co-op member, says that meals will likely include:

‘a vegan option and a meat or vegetarian option every night. Because all of the members will take turns preparing food, we expect to have quite a variety of dishes, everything from curries to stir-fry, pasta and quinoa salad.’

The co-op plans to begin serving in mid-July.

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