TV news source the Futon Critic passes along the tidbit that the Bravo cable channel is expanding in user-snuggling ways. Specifically, the new Bravo Media will, as the press release puts it, branch out into “talent management, publishing, merchandising, digital, wireless, fan experience, television, radio and international divisions.”

Holy crap-a-moley, that’s quite a list, Bravo. But you know, is that all? Perhaps you would like to make a foray into manufacturing doomsday devices, or breeding labradoodles? No?

The aim is to leverage the new notoriety of the average joes and janes who gain fame on Bravo’s reality competitions and unscripted shows. To that end, the company will roll out products (a Top Chef cookbook and chef’s knives, a Work Out line of gym gear), events (cruises! tours! camps!), and media properties. That last one is the part that has me really intrigued, because first on the drawing board is a Top Chef game you can play on your cell phone.

What could this game be? We have already had BurgerTime, how much better can foodish games get? LimeLife, the company set to develop the game, has so far been mum. So perhaps it’s still in development, and the developers would like my advice? I’d love a game that allowed me to virtually take on each challenge. Maybe give players a list of ingredients and preparations, and let them pick to create a dish? I know for damn sure I could do better than last season’s Cheeto penis amuse-bouche.

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