There’s no doubt about it, Lee Anne Wong was my favorite Top Chef from the first season. Until she got booted after the Napa challenge, I had her picked as the winner. Or, at the very least, one of the final two.

Imagine my delight when I learned that would be giving us hungry surfers “Top Recipe: The Wong Way to Cook.” In the form of two-minute-long vids, Lee Anne teaches us—from her post at the French Culinary Institute in New York, no less—how to make each week’s winning dish.

However, if you want to make them exactly like you saw on television, you might be disappointed, because Lee Anne puts her own spin on the dishes. For instance, when making Frank’s low-calorie pizza, Lee Anne uses whole-wheat pita bread instead of making her own crust. (Admittedly, we could blame that choice on time constraints.) However, it would also be nice if they demonstrated the winning Quickfire dish as well. I certainly could use some sushi tips.

Too bad the Bravo site is so overwrought with fripperies and furbelows that it makes the video clips difficult to access and play at a respectable speed.

The blog TVWeek shares my frustration, and suggests:

Here’s my two cents. And take it for what it’s worth from someone who believes that if the universe intended for me to cook then restaurants wouldn’t exist, but this video needs to be much easier to find. It’s a great clip—for an escargot recipe—and a smart tie-in, but I wouldn’t even know it was a video from the image on the home page.”

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