Firstly, Kabul City’s lunch buffet is gone. This is because almost everybody is interested in the kebabs, and kebabs don’t do well on a steam table. This is good news for you kebab-lovers; you will have fresh-made kebabs to your heart’s delight.

There is, instead, a lunch menu, with smaller portions and lower prices than the dinner menu. Badinjon burani (eggplant) is smooth, silky, and delicious. Kadu burani (pumpkin) has a lovely, bright flavor, though it’s a bit too sweet for some. Qabely pallow (braised lamb chunks with raisin rice) is excellently textured and colored. Kebabs are great, though well-done; lamb-lovers may want to request medium-rare lamb kebabs.

The true favorite, says Cynsa, is the mantu—a hugely satisfying meat dumpling with a delicate wrapper and light saucing.

Melanie Wong’s favorite thing is actually the daugh, an herbed yogurt drink. The yogurt itself is rich and tangy, and comes strongly herbed with mint, coriander, and some bits of cumin. Shola zand—rice pudding with almonds, saffron, and pistachios ($4)—is also excellent. “The style of cooking is more like the homestyle places I’ve tried in Fremont and less refined than Helmand’s,” she explains.

Every dish is $6.99 at lunch. It’s quite the bargain.

Do not be afraid that this place is on Fisherman’s Wharf. It actually makes the wharf worthwhile.

Kabul City [Fisherman’s Wharf]
380 Beach Street, San Francisco

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