Dasaprakash is a truly wonderful Southern Indian restaurant, says Fine. “The quality of the cooking and the warmth of the hospitality make Dasaprakash a restaurant worthy of any ethnic-food lover’s interest.”

The star of this dining experience is conjeevaram iddly, which, at $4.50, is an incredible bargain. It’s delicate, flavorful, with a deeply satisfying texture. Mysore masala dosai is another delight—a spicy crêpe filled with potato and onion.

Puliyodarai—a spicy rice and tamarind dish—is very likable, and rather like a good nasi goreng, with the dry, slightly oily textured rice. (The owner told Fine that he should have ordered bisi bele huli anna and wafers—the owner’s favorite of the rice dishes. Then the owner gave Fine a complimentary order of bisi bele.)

The hospitality is awesome. Once it was determined that Fine’s party was English-only, the owner came out and had a long discussion over the menu, which involved worrying about whether they had ordered too much, worrying that they were spending too much by not ordering the special thali, and worrying about whether any of them had cilantro tolerance problems. The owner seemed surprised that there were non-Indians enjoying his cuisine. Surprised, but very happy.

Dishes run between $4.50 and $7. Go nuts, eat your heart out.

Dasaprakash: Cuisine of South India [South Bay]
2636 Homestead Road, Santa Clara

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