Underwood Bar and Bistro is kare_raisu’s new favorite restaurant in Sonoma County. Everything at her first visit was extraordinary.

Frisée salad is perfect, with abundant, thick chunks of delicious pork lardons, and a beautifully poached egg. The seared ahi special is made for hot days: It comes with roasted corn, asparagus, arugula, and an Israeli couscous salad with creamy porcini vinaigrette. And it’s garnished with bits of pancetta and porcini. “I cannot begin to describe how well the rich texture of the tuna worked against this accompaniment—amazing.” Roasted halibut is cooked to a perfectly crisp, golden sear; the insides are marvelously juicy and warm. On top of sautéed mixed greens and a potato purée, it’s perfect.

It is, she says, “a truly great restaurant—worthwhile for anyone in the area to check out.”

It’s one of Lori SF’s favorite restaurants too. She suggests the patio; it’s a sweet spot for summer.

Underwood Bar and Bistro [Sonoma County]
9113 Graton Road, Graton

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