Consider them the aphrodisiac on steroids. An Australian oyster farmer has been feeding his mollusks the anti-impotence drug Viagra, which he had been prescribed after a prostate operation. “It really works,” he says. “It’s sex in a can.”

In a process that has already been patented, the oysters are harvested and transferred to a tank filled with crushed Viagra. While regulations prohibit the farmer from selling the sexed-up oysters in Australia, he has his eye on the Asian market, where regulations are not so tight.

An article in the Australian Daily Telegraph explains that his oysters are ruffling feathers of the drug company Pfizer, maker of Viagra, which is considering a lawsuit. A spokesperson for Food Safety New South Wales also commented on the situation. “They can’t add Viagra to oysters—it is not allowed, it’s up to doctors to prescribe Viagra.”

Oyster farmers in Louisiana are feeling a bit defensive at the news of the new Aussie aphrodisiac, according to an article in the Seattle Times:

‘You don’t need Viagra in our oysters over here; they work,’ said Mike Voisin, an oyster distributor in Houma and chairman of the Louisiana Oyster Task Force. ‘It’s the Cajun Viagra.’

Voisin shipped five dozen Louisiana oysters to Australia’s minister of health and aging last week. As the box seems stranded indefinitely in customs, one can only hope the oysters do indeed have … staying power.

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