Spice Route is a seriously awesome sort of mad Indian-Western fusion restaurant in the lobby of a Best Western. This may weird you out. Don’t worry about it—you’ll completely forget you’re in a hotel.

Fussy Foodie had a freaking odd, completely exciting spread there. Mussel pakora—nicely fried, nicely tasty mussels placed back in their shells. Incredible mini lamb burgers, spiced like kebab and meltingly tender. And srirachi chicken wings batter-fried and tossed in a spicy, wildly flavorful sauce—completely addictive.

Herb naan is fantastic, with a nice crispy back, a softly chewy center, and tons of herbs on top. Lemongrass lamb chops come out perfectly medium rare, over creamy cumin-spiced potatoes and garlicky spinach. It is sweet, savory, and wonderful. Salmon is crisp on the outside and buttery soft on the inside, and covered with tamarind sauce. It’s solid.

This place is brand new. At the moment, there are no soups or salads on the menu, but they are coming. There is a web address, but no website. That is coming, too.

Closed Sundays.

Spice Route [South Bay]
Inside the Best Western Hotel
400 Valley Way, Milpitas

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