A young Oaxacan street vendor sells excellent morning tamales in Santa Rosa. There is, for instance, a perfectly executed cheese tamal, says kare_raisu—an exceptional example of how a tamal should taste, smell, and feel. So many cruddy tamales are horribly greasy; there is, instead, balance here. The subtle background of essence de puerco adds a nice, slightly smoky mystery to the experience, says kare_raisu. This tamal is $1.50.

There is also tamal Oaxaqueno, a deeper, denser, fattier tamal. The masa is in the Oaxacan cocido style: a suppler dough, with a bit more grease. It is filled with flavorful, tender chicken, and wrapped up in a banana leaf. Also $1.50.

All of these tamales are accompanied by intense, flavorful salsa roja. With a bit of lightly sweet arroz con leche, you’ve got a beautifully warming breakfast.

This vendor shows up on the south side of Sebastopol Road, across the street from the Dollar Tree. She’s there until about 9:30 a.m. The same space is later occupied by the blue Delicias Elenitas truck.

No English is spoken, but you can get by with restaurant Spanish, or a little friendly pointing.

Tamal vendor across the street from the Dollar Tree on Sebastopol Road [Sonoma County]
Sebastopol Road near Dutton Avenue, Santa Rosa

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