Chowhounds have found at least four ways to cook crispy bacon that keeps splattering fat off their stovetops.

Oven: Some use a rack over a rimmed sheet pan, some don’t bother; some turn the bacon, some don’t bother. All agree that your bacon strips will stay nice and flat in the oven. Takes about 20 minutes to crisp up at 350°F.

Broiler: nicoleberry83 flips the bacon when it begins to curl up a little. The broiler’s fast, and all the fat drains away in the broiler pan.

Microwave: Line a plate with several paper towels, a single layer of bacon, and a few more paper towels. Cook at high power 4 to 6 minutes, depending on the amount of bacon, your microwave, and your taste. The paper towels soak up a ton of grease.

Grill: Veggo swears by bacon on the grill, saying it gives extra flavor, fat drains away without causing flareups, and the bacon even stays flat.

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