Pomegranate molasses is a delicious Persian concoction, traditionally used to make fesenjan, a dish of chicken, walnuts, and other ingredients, served over basmati rice, says katkoupai. Pomegranate molasses is simply pomegranate juice boiled down to a syrup with sugar and lemon juice. Some commonly available brands include Indo-European, Golchin, Sadaf, and Zarrin.

In addition to fesenjan, you can make a sharbat with pomegranate molasses, which is a Persian drink of fruit syrup and still water. “Extrapolating from this, I bet you could use it to make a great pomegranate martini,” says katkoupai.

rworange likes it in yogurt, or added to oatmeal, or smeared onto blue cheese. “Ok, I’ll admit it,” says Regan B. “It works well on a gourmet snow cone!”

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