Childless foodies often complain of children running amok in restaurants, and certainly restaurateurs have seen the worst a toddler can dish out (knock over, scatter, or throw) when seated in a booster chair. There are those who say keep ’em at home until they are presentable, but what about the poor exhausted parents who just want a brief respite from cooking?

Culinary professional and food blogger the Food Whore has a funny story of one such set of parents, who came in for a meal during that slow period between lunch and dinner. They requested to be seated away from the few other patrons who were present. As the Food Whore reports, “They had a small child with them, the most precious-faced little girl. Her hair was dark and wild with curls, and she had the sweetest smile.”

But as soon as they sat down the little angel turned evil, tipping over her water glass, demanding toys, and escaping the clutches of her parents to run around the restaurant screaming. “The few patrons we had gave knowing glances at the frazzled parents, and were gracious to not complain,” she writes. In such a situation, what are the parents to do?

The Father, after choking down his soup, and near tears, grabbed the child and apologized as he walked out the door. The mother left a $50 [tip] on a $12 tab and thanked us for our patience. ‘She’s normally a charming child’, she said. ‘But today … today she has been taken over by the Dark Sith Lord and is determined to make us both jab our eyes out with hot irons. If we—accidentally—leave her here, will you take care of her?’

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