You might know Robert Rodriguez for his dark, gory films (like, most recently, the zombied-out Planet Terror, his feature-length contribution to the Grindhouse suite). Rodriguez’s movies can induce queasiness, but his Ten-Minute Cooking School bits are another thing entirely: The demo of these fantastic-looking egg tacos (via Boingboing) makes me want to eat my computer screen.

Rodriguez says these “Sin City Breakfast Tacos,” based on his grandmother’s recipe, were his go-to around 3 a.m. while he and the crew were working late at the studio on that film. The recipe—which calls for fresh flour tortillas made from scratch—isn’t exactly the kind of thing you just pull out of the fridge and throw under the broiler on a quick break from your desk. But I can’t think of too many better ways to procrastinate than watching discs of lard-and-butter dough bubble up and morph into tortillas on the fryer. (And if it’s really late, maybe you’ll even see Jesus in one of ’em.)

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