Aromatic pandan leaf is like the vanilla of Southeast Asia. It’s a natural partner for coconut, and has a whiff of pine as well as a kind of muskiness to it, says bulavinaka.

Green waffles might sound like something out of a Dr. Seuss book, but sweet, fragrant pandan waffles are a popular Vietnamese treat. It’s absolutely essential to get them hot out of the iron. At Van’s, they’ll make your waffles to order, and that’s the only way to go, says Professor Salt.

Oh, and while they have pandan waffles at Lee’s, no one orders them—for a reason. The neglected waffle iron is never hot enough when they pour in the batter, and the result is pathetically limp and dry.

Van’s Bakery [San Gabriel Valley]
860 E. Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

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