Lovers of Japanese-style curry, who have few decent options in New York, are cheering last month’s arrival of Go Go Curry from Japan.

Hounds who have made it through the long lunchtime lines describe a thick, dark, pork-enriched curry sauce—a good match for meat toppings that are fried to order, and surprisingly delicious for a chain fast-food operation. Tonkatsu (pork cutlet) is the signature topping; other choices are pork sausage, chicken, and shrimp. They’re also phasing in side toppings, including raw egg, cheese, rakkyo (pickled scallion), and natto (fermented soybeans).

“It is pretty good,” declares E Eto, “better than the instant roux-based curries you find at most Japanese restaurants in New York City. I hope it inspires other curry shops to open.” Another curry hound, Skillet Licker, approves of the sauce and meat but complains that the curry isn’t served hot enough.

Go Go’s owner is reportedly a devoted fan of Yankees slugger Hideki Matsui, which explains the shop’s baseball motif and even its name (go go means “five five,” as in Matsui’s jersey number, 55).

Go Go Curry [Garment District]
Formerly Ramen King
273 W. 38th Street (near Eighth Avenue), Manhattan

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