Living in a big food city—and in a big, road-trip-friendly country, for that matter, where restaurant recommendations are just a Chowhound away—I always feel both humbled and excited when I learn about a great-sounding cuisine that’s practically nonexistent in this part of the world. The food of Macao is one of these rare gems, it seems. As Grub Street reports, Macanese fare:

is one of the great hybrid cuisines in the world, borrowing wholesale from both Portugal—sausages, potatoes, olive oil—as well as mainland China and Hong Kong, and the vanishing traditions of pre-Communist restaurant cookery. … Apparently, now that Macao is fading as a tourist destination for luxury hotels and baccarat casinos, its cuisine needs saving more than ever.

According to Grub Street, the folks at Employees Only—one of the first New York bars to make the house-infused-alcohol-and-fresh-squeezed-juice scene—are planning to open a Macanese restaurant at some point in the future (no date yet). From the looks of it, the place would be the first of its kind in NYC, and a little hounding suggests that there aren’t many elsewhere in North America, either. Certainly not too many “authentic” ones, as this thread about Bay Area Macanese spots indicates. Apparently there are (were?) also a few options in the greater Toronto area, and possibly now something in Los Angeles; beyond that, I don’t see much. Anyone know of other places to find this off-the-radar grub?

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