Colombian-born Ingrid Hoffmann is the Food Network’s newest addition to its stable of talent and the first Latina to host one of its shows. Hoffmann’s new Latin-inspired cooking show, Simply Delicioso, will debut on July 14. Miami resident Hoffmann already has a following from her Spanish-language cooking show, which has been running on cable stations since 2005.

The show will focus on quick meals, not all of them traditional. “If it takes more than 29 minutes,” Hoffmann has said, “I’m not interested” (we can’t help wondering if she’s trying to beat Rachael Ray at her own game … by one minute).

Response to this announcement has kicked up some discussion over at the Serious Eats forums, some of it not favorable. Seems nobody is impressed with the idea of yet another superficial, 30-minute Food Network show, no matter what the flavor. As Jason Perlow writes, “I’ve seen Ingrid’s show in Spanish, and I’d have to say she is the closest equivalent to Rachel [sic] Ray the Latino community has.”

How do you say “yum-O” in Spanish?

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