Having conquered the book world, the magazine world, and the television world, Rachael Ray is setting out to conquer the fast-food world with a chain of burger joints.

Set to open in New York, the currently nameless joint will make burgers based on the many burger recipes Ray has cranked out over the years.

‘We’ll rotate them,’ she said. ‘Tuna burgers, swordfish burgers, turkey burgers,’ Ray said, ‘I like anything you can pick up with your hands— portable food.’ Ray said she also plans to open fast-food versions of the flagship.

However, if you don’t want to wait for Ray’s contribution to the In-N-Out oeuvre, you can find her burger recipes spattered all over the Web on her own site, at Reader’s Digest, or at the new YahFood.

Can you just see her big smiling mug replacing Wendy’s red pigtails? Or, better yet, a larger-than-life statue of Ray Ray instead of Bob’s Big Boy? Maybe the doors of Ray’s burger palace will scream “YUM-O!” as you walk through them. The possibilities seem freakishly endless.

Interestingly, Rachael Ray’s not the only magazine mogul to get into the restaurant business. Men’s magazine Maxim has recently announced its intention to open a chain of steakhouses. I know the first thing I crave when I see one of those scantily dressed chicks is a big fatty steak.

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