Lemon buttermilk ice cream is dead easy, and quite delicious: Just mix buttermilk with some sugar, lemon rind, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Make sure you chill it thoroughly before you freeze it in your ice cream freezer. “That’s all! Not much of a recipe, but you can suit it to your needs,” says katecm. It’s terrific topped with strawberries macerated in sugar, or Pei’s favorite topping, balsamic strawberries.

To make balsamic strawberries, marinate diced strawberries in a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar and a squirt of simple syrup per cup of strawberries. “No one ever knows why the berries taste so good. I actually had one friend start arguing with me that there was no way something sour (vinegar) could make strawberries taste sweeter than they already were,” she says.

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