Good food at the mall? Hell yeah, if you’re talking about the Koreatown Plaza. Bon Vivant hit this place with some friends and tried a variety of dishes.

Chew Young Roo specializes in Chinese-style dumplings, hefty things that are more like steamed bao. They’re made to order, and the fresh dough is stuffed with a flavorful mix of vegetables, including leeks and onions sautéed in garlic and ginger, and crunchy celery.

Bibimbap is the star at Gamja Bawi, and the staff may try to steer you toward the plain ol’ number one bibimbap. Resist! Dolsot bibimbap, in a hot stone bowl, one-ups the regular kind with a tantalizing crust of browned rice around the edges. Beef is richly flavored, and a variety of vegetables and a freshly cracked raw egg are perfect for mixing up into a yummy mess along with some sweet-hot chile sauce.

Plaza offers naeng myun, or cold buckwheat noodles, in a chilled beef broth. The flavor is delicate; you might want to amp it up with some vinegar and mustard.

Each of the dishes was about $7.

Koreatown Plaza Food Court
928 S. Western Avenue, #300, Los Angeles

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