3D Bakery aces the patty test. This Jamaican joint in Prospect Heights makes a vegetable version that surpasses even the popular Christie’s, says Sarah McC. She describes fresh, flaky wheat pastry enclosing a spicy curry filling with spinach and onion. Next to 3D’s, Christie’s vegetable patty is a dryish thing, filled with a bit of cabbage and not much else.

Beyond patties (beef, fish, chicken, or vegetable, all $1.25), 3D lays out a promising-looking spread of stews, jerk chicken, and other entrées, including oxtail, escovitch fish, and curry goat or chicken. Baked goods include coconut or spice buns, bulla (ginger cakes), and other Jamaican favorites. “I love Christie’s,” Sarah adds, “but 3D is a great alternative for patties, and maybe to the Islands for hot meals without a long wait.”

In Flatbush, Ram’s Roti Shop remains on top of its game. At this two-year-old Trini takeout shop, the roti sets the standard, missmasala reports: a tasty, pliant flatbread with first-rate fillings such as curry beef, goat, or chicken. Also recommended: the veggie plate (okra, squash, spinach) and surprisingly strong jerk chicken. Peppery and charred yet juicy, Ram’s jerk rivals the more celebrated version a few blocks north at Peppa’s, missmasala attests. Other hounds brave the sometimes-brusque service to score aloo (potato) pie, doubles (fried flatbreads filled with chickpeas), and shark, saltfish, or smoked herring bakes (stuffed rolls).

For a taste of Haiti, check out Immaculee Bakery on Nostrand, where daiquiri ice savored a stunningly good fish pie. It’s spicy minced salt cod stuffed into rich, slightly chewy, yet flaky pastry—just 75 cents.

3D Bakery [Prospect Heights]
771 Washington Avenue (between St. Johns and Sterling), Brooklyn

Christie’s Jamaican Patties [Park Slope]
387 Flatbush Avenue (near Sterling), Brooklyn

The Islands [Prospect Heights]
803 Washington Avenue (at Lincoln), Brooklyn

Ram’s Roti Shop [Flatbush]
1919 Church Avenue (between Ocean and St. Paul), Brooklyn

Peppa’s Jerk Chicken [Flatbush]
738 Flatbush Avenue (between Parkside and Clarkson), Brooklyn

Immaculee Bakery [East Flatbush]
1411 Nostrand Avenue (at Martense), Brooklyn

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