El Pollo does right by its namesake specialty. At this Peruvian restaurant in Park Slope, which replaced an unloved sandwich shop in February, the roast chicken comes out moist and nicely seasoned with good crisp skin. The accompanying sauces—a mild white one and especially a kicking green one—are fresh and house-made. “That is some fine-tasting chicken,” declares kraw.

Also on the brief menu: decent fried plantains, chicha morada (a sweet purple-corn beverage), and a standout avocado salad, studded with chickpeas and dressed with a light vinaigrette. Several notches nicer than a takeout joint, El Pollo offers an inviting dining room and warm service.

El Pollo [Park Slope]
Formerly Gourmet Grill
291 Fifth Avenue (between First and Second streets), Brooklyn

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Pollo in Park Slope

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