The first mangoes to be legally imported from India have arrived on our shores, but even if you manage to score some, the waiting isn’t over.

Professor Salt was among the first in line, forking over $35 for a dozen of what are supposed to be the world’s best mangoes. Do they live up to the hype? Since they’re shipped green, we’ll have to wait to find out. Even ripe, though, they won’t quite be as good as the tree-ripened fruits back in India.

Devraj “Dave” Kerai, owner of Pioneer Cash & Carry (the biggest grocer in Little India), says he was determined to be the first to carry the mangoes in the Los Angeles area. The next shipment should arrive Thursday or Friday, and sell out by Saturday.

The high price, determined by the high cost of air freight, probably won’t drop much in the future. But look for more varieties grown in Mexico.

Pioneer Cash & Carry [Little India]
18601 Pioneer Boulevard, Artesia

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