Most diners these days get their corned beef hash from … well, you don’t actually want to know where they get their corned beef from. But a dwindling minority still cook this dish using actual meat, onions, and potatoes, rather than scraping it out of big tin cans packed at distant factories. Among those most excellent holdouts is Jackson Heights’ Mark Twain Diner. Joe MacBu likes the hash for its fine-chopped texture and the lift it gets from fresh parsley.

By contrast, Rego Park’s Shalimar Diner goes big, serving a chunky hash that’s relatively light on potato, says dude. Different but also delicious.

Mark Twain Diner [Jackson Heights]
72-12 Northern Boulevard (between 72nd and 73rd streets), Jackson Heights, Queens

Shalimar Diner [Rego Park]
63-68 Austin Street (near 63rd Drive), Rego Park, Queens

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