Hungry Hippo loves the new sandwich at Sea Salt: a beautiful banh mi baby made from big, fatty, oily pieces of fried eel, packed with the usual pickled Vietnamese sandwich condiments, and stuffed into the same buttery role used for the lobster sandwich. We’re talking pan-fried eel here, big, half-inch-thick hunks of eel, unbattered, unbreaded, and glorious. It has, he says, even surpassed Sea Salt’s trout BLT in his heart of hearts.

It is $12, warns rworange, but totally and completely worth it. It is the only eel she’s tolerated in her life, with the most wonderful silky texture. Packed into the soft sub roll, it is pure “pillowy seafood sandwich satisfaction.”

It is completely addictive. Morton the Mousse has had six of them in the past two months. It is, far and away, the best dish he’s ever had at a Krikorian establishment.

Sea Salt [East Bay]
2512 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley

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