Larkin Express Deli is Dave MP’s favorite new restaurant in San Francisco. Fish noodle soup is amazing: slightly spicy, and supertasty. The brown broth contains bits of ground fish, but it’s not overwhelmingly fishy. And it’s topped with crunchy fried lentils, fried garlic, and cilantro.

Chicken coconut soup is very different—creamy, ever so slightly spicy, and well-flavored. There is tender, dark chicken meat; there is deep, fresh chicken broth. There is balance between the poultry energy and the coconut chi. There is beauty. It comes with the same array of crunchy fried bits.

The owner is sweet, excited, and eager to explain all about Burmese cuisine. Prices are very, very reasonable.

Larkin Express Deli [Tenderloin]
452 Larkin Street, San Francisco

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