Check this out: A Dearborn, Michigan, cop used some pot he got off some suspects to mix up some brownies for him and his wife.

Fine and dandy, right? Wrong. After dry mouth, munchies, and paranoia set in, the cop called 911 to request assistance. In his own words—which you can hear for yourself if you click through and watch—the cop confesses, “We made brownies and I think we’re dead. I really do.”

The whole phone call is as surreal as a pot-fueled 911 call can possibly be. It becomes even weirder when the cop asks the 911 operator for the Red Wings score to make sure it’s not “some type of, like, hallucination” he’s having.

The actual news story behind the clip is that after the cop voluntarily resigned his position at the police department, neither he nor his wife was charged with anything. It is this inaction that has gotten a Dearborn city councilman really upset, and what brought media attention to this little pot party.

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