It’s National Blog Posting Month, and a number of food bloggers have joined the fray. Bloggers participating in NaBloPoMo have committed to posting every day for a month; that’s a whole lotta blogging going on.

NaBloPoMo is inspired by National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), during which participants commit to writing a novel in a month. The call to arms has been taken up by a number of food bloggers. Life Begins at 30, Eggbeater, Gluten-free Girl, Candy Blog, Cake Face, Feisty Foodie, and Welcome to My Pantry are just some of the food-oriented bloggers who have joined the campaign, which is being sponsored by the blog Fussy.

Shauna, the blogger behind Gluten-free Girl, describes it as “an international insanity of an event, in which hundreds of bloggers agree to post something every single day on their blog.” Jen, of Life Begins at 30, says she is participating “as a way to give myself a blogging kick-in-the-pants.”

While it must be said that some of the NaBloPoMo bloggers have already faltered in their commitment to daily posting, many are hanging in there (though we suspect there may be some photo-heavy, text-light blog posts being generated toward the end of the month). Follow along and see how well your favorite bloggers do.

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