April showers brings May flowers and free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, but May brings FREE HÄAGEN-DAZS! Amy at Cooking with Amy reminds us that tomorrow, May 15, is very important because it’s FREE HÄAGEN-DAZS DAY!

When it comes to grocery store brands, I am definitely Häagen-Dazs’s bitch. From its deepest, darkest, creamiest coffee to its seasonal cinnamon to its perfect vanilla, it is my go-to pint when life is getting me down. The best part about FREE HÄAGEN-DAZS DAY is that you get to sample its two newest drool-worthy flavors, cinnamon dulce de leche and sticky toffee pudding.

Mystified as to how to find the melting scoops nearest you? Häagen-Dazs has a handy-dandy store locator for you.

Ever since I heard Häagen-Dazs was coming out with sticky toffee pudding—my favoritest of all British desserts—my mouth has needed constant mopping, so I’ll see you in line.

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