For fans of Latin American street food, the Red Hook soccer fields aren’t the only game in town. A couple of blocks west of the spot where a celebrated corps of vendors works the weekend futbol matches, a smaller chow operation feeds baseball and softball fans. jason carey reports tasty empanadas, pork tacos, and pupusalike snacks stuffed with black beans, among other bites. Others have spotted good-looking taquitos, tortas, and goat soup.

If the soccer fields are the major leagues of sports-fan chow, the baseball fields are something like a pickup game. The schedule is irregular, vendors and offerings change unpredictably, and service is unpolished, though not unfriendly. “These are much less ‘professional’ vendors,” notes Steve R, “much like the way the soccer fields used to be 10 or more years ago.”

In the big leagues, meanwhile, the soccer players are back in action, the crowds are larger and hungrier than ever, and the vendors are already in midseason form. Highlights of this year’s opening weekend included ceviche, huaraches, grilled corn, and chile-sprinkled mango.

Food is served every Saturday and Sunday through October, from midmorning until after dark (though some vendors close up earlier). And because you can’t tell the players without a program, the Porkchop Express food blog has put together a helpful vendor map.

Red Hook Recreation Area baseball field vendors [Red Hook]
Columbia and Halleck streets, Brooklyn

Red Hook Recreation Area soccer field vendors (registration required) [Red Hook]
Clinton and Bay streets, Brooklyn

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